Corporate Social Responsibility

About Vasundhara Foundation

Vasundhara Foundation (VF) is a non-profit organization started by self initiative of Farmers (incorporated under Section 8 of the Companies Act), specializes in Value Chain Development of Oil Seeds, Pulses, Condiments & fresh agri produce. Measure emphasis is on increasing per acre Productivity, reduction in cost of production of farmer by adopting sustainable practices, traceability & connecting farmers directly to corporate to avoid intermeditory chain in order to increase farmer realization.

Vasundhara Foundation Vision is “Farmer centric approach for developing Value Chain with aim of reducing cost of production, enhancing productivity with desired quality which will create Win- Win Situation for both farmers & End Users.”

The foundation strives to maximize farmers’ share in the price paid by the consumer - through value addition, wastage reduction, technology adoption and establishing direct market linkages for farmers without any intermediaries.

The organization was founded in 2003 and is promoted by Farmers & experienced professionals with expertise in agri value chain management.

Vasundhara Foundation Objectives:

  • To Achieve monthly income of 50,000 (at 2011 base rate) per family required for respectable livelihood in the operational area of company through various agriculture & allied activities.
  • To enhance Economical, Social, Cultural life of people living in the operational area of foundation.
  • To Promote Rural Youth for self employment.
  • To develop integrated value chain for the crops grown in activity area of foundation.
  • To create “Eco System” favourable for the rural employment & entrepreneurship including women’s and tribal’s.
  • To create awareness among people for scientific reasons & geographical relevance behind religious & cultural events.
  • Be a knowledge collaborator for providing intervention in various areas of agri value chain and continuously improve skills of stakeholders involved.
  • Promote safe food to consumers by adopting sustainable practices in agri value chain
  • Develop profitable market linkages for farmers.
  • Adopt inclusive approach and provide micro-entrepreneurship opportunities to unemployed youth, women self help groups.

Key achievements:

Management of Vasundhara Foundation has successfully established three Farmer Producer organizations in Hingoli, Nanded & Aurangabad area. FPOs are establishing infrastructure for the Extension as well as Marketing of the farmer produce to end user, Prime achievements are as below:

  • Developed network of 12,000 farmers in Hingoli, Nanded & Aurangabad district.
  • Two Input Facility centres are established for the support of Inputs to farmers.
  • Extension Program resulted increased yield to farmers.
  • Conducted Seed Production Program for Soybean growers which have helped farmers fetching 20% premium to market prices.
  • Created infrastructure for Processing of Soybean, Bengal gram and Turmeric.
  • Created Forward Linkage with Buyers like ADM Agro, Sivaskthi Foods, Octagaon Foods, Avee broilers, Future Group, Go4Fresh.