Our Humble Story

A farmer organisation is born…

Goda Farms was born in 2016 out of a commitment to build a socially conscious and successful business that cultivates good food in the farms. We do this by working closely with farmers who support organic and sustainable farming. In return, we support them with our Package of Practices, right inputs and the technical know-how and enhanced earning opportunities.

Our operations

Our operations are spread across Hingoli, Nanded, Washim, Akola, Yavatmal and Aurangabad districts in Maharashtra. Current crops under cultivation include Soybean, Bengal Gram (Chana), Turmeric, Onion and Pomegranate.

Our Way (Or The Farm Way)

We believe in an integrated approach to crop management.

We set up

transparent processes that help the farmers get appropriate value for their produce

From Plant To Plate

Our expert team has deep understanding of farmers and consumer perception.

From trusted partner farmers and the foods they grow, to the packaging of our food, Plant to Plate Movement is to maximise the good food production and consumption. The idea behind this entire movement is to help farmers in selecting right input, good agriculture practices and adoption of sustainable practices.

Farmer Outreach

As of today, we are working with a 12,000 associated farmer base. We organise Rabi and Kharip Farmer rallies every year in the month of May and September to help gather information for the coming seasons, catch up with the experts from Agriculture Universities, and interact with the industry influencers on various aspects.